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Kin Loch Farmstead

Circa 2018

The Farm

The Farm
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Kin Loch Farmstead, Western New York's first lavender farm, was born in the Spring of 2018 when we planted 2,000 lavender plants on the front parcel of our 30 acre plot. We specifically chose this land because of its sandy soil, which is perfect for lavender, a plant indigenous to the sandy soils of the Mediterranean. Our location along the Niagara Wine Trail also blesses us with the same fertile land and microclimate that makes the Niagara Escarpment perfect for growing grapes and apple orchards.  

Eight varieties of French and English lavender are being grown, including: Folgate, Royal Velvet, Melissa, Betty's Blue, Hidcote Giant, Phenomenal, Grosso and Gros Bleu. Each variety offers its own shade of purple, blue and pink, while also serving various perfume and culinary purposes.  If treated right, these perennial flowers can live for up to 15 years! 


Each variety blooms at different times which means Kin Loch will be seeing lavender blooms from June - August.  We welcome guests to come harvest their own lavender - a relaxing and meditative experience.

The Lavender

The Lavender

Lavender has a rich history dating back over 2,500 years across multiple civilizations. Romans used lavender oils for cooking, bathing and scenting the air.  The name is derived from the Latin verb lavare—which means, “to wash.” There are even references to lavender in the Bible. It has always been beloved for its beautiful colors, aromatic fragrances and calming effects. 

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Lavender Buds.JPG

Lavender is known around the world for its beautiful purple flowers. Most people don't realize that the color of lavender actually varies depending on the strain of the plant and that the color can range from white to dark purple. At Kin Loch we grow many types of lavender which produce a wide range of purples flowers and even some blue.  All colors make for great bouquets which, if dried and stored properly, can last for years.

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Lavender is a versatile herb for cooking and used in restaurants all over the world to enhance both the flavor and appearance of food. English Lavender is often used for culinary purposes as it is sweeter than French Lavender. The flowers and leaves can be used fresh, and both buds and stems can be used dried. Lavender can be used in lattes, mixed drinks, lemonade, baked goods, ice cream, beer and so much more. There are even lavender specific cook books showing ways that lavender can enhance any meal. 

Kin Loch Farmstead is a proud member of the United States Lavender Growers Association (USLGA). The USLGA was formed to support and promote the United States Lavender industry and is recognized as a global leader providing education, research and support to lavender growers.

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The Apiary

The Apiary

It is no secret that bees have been struggling to survive lately. This is due to a variety of issues including pesticides, climate change and disease. We need bees though. About one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination.  The good news is that Bees love lavender. Studies have even shown that lavender is among the flowers most attractive to bees! So we decided to start a small apiary which we hope to grow each year.  So if you come out to the farm please look out for our tiny friends buzzing through our fields.

About Us

About Us

Hello, we’re Alex and Ryan Plante - welcome to our farm! We started Kin Loch Farmstead in Spring 2018 as an outlet away from our corporate jobs and a way to get back to the land.  Neither of us come from farming backgrounds but are both drawn to it, and hope to pass on the value of hard work and appreciating nature to our children.

In gaelic kin means "family" and loch means "lake."  Our hope is that Kin Loch will be a place where families can celebrate love and life, right here at our little farm between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.



Heirloom Soul Florals

Heirloom Soul Florals
HSF Farm 2018.JPG

Kin Loch Farmstead also offers an organic cut flower farm, being managed by flower farmer & florist, Fran DePalma.  Fran cultivates dozens of varieties of heirloom flowers and creates beautiful wedding floral displays that are unique to each couple she works with. Inspired by the unexpected whimsy and romance of nature, her designs are highly textural and rustic, always elegant, and out of the ordinary. Visit her site at to book your wedding & special event florals.

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