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Each July we set aside two weeks for photographers to take private photos at our farm. That two week window has come to an end for the 2024 bloom season. Subscribe to our email to be alerted for next summer's photography dates!


Are dogs/pets allowed?:  yes but please pick up after there them.

How much does it cost to take photos in your lavender field?  We charge $50 per hour.

Why do you charge money to take photos? 
Because we spend a lot of time & money maintaining the lavender field all summer (30 hours per week of weeding, mowing & planting). Also because we pay a lot in property & school taxes, so as a business we need to make money!  Also, we get a lot of photographer inquires so it helps manage the requests

What do I do when I arrive?  You have private usage of the property so no one will be there when you arrive. Just help yourself onto the property and enjoy your photo session! There MIGHT be a farmer on-site weeding but they will stay out of your way :)

Where can I take photos?  You have private usage of the entire 30 acres so enjoy taking photos in our lavender field, around our barn, our hayfield, and our wood trail!

When is the best time to reserve a time slot?  Our lavender starts to bloom in late June so that is the best time to come do photos! If you book a time slot in mid-July there might be some blooms turning at that point.

I need to cancel can I get a refund?  Yes please just email me for a refund.  I can only refund $45 of the $50 due to credit card processing fees that I personally incur. My email is

Can I switch to a different day?  Please check our calendar of available dates first to see if any time slots are available before making this request.  Then email


Thanks for submitting!

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