Gardener/Farmer (May - September)

Looking for a gardener/farmer to work on our farm from May 1st to September 30th. This is a physical job that is completely outdoors, so this person must be in good shape and enjoy being outside! Ideally this person loves gardening and and has an eye for landscape design. Ideally this person has experience working on a farm and/or landscaping type work. Ideally this person is also handy and can, at times, help with some projects such as... staining, furniture assembly, & etc.

10 hours per week ($25 per hour). Bi-weekly pay. Flexible schedule! May 1 - Sept 30.

Job includes:

  • Planting lots of lavender

  • Weeding lots of lavender

  • Planting and maintaining gardens around the property

  • Laying down weed-cloth

  • Harvesting and pruning lavender

  • Working with dirt, mulch &  compost (includes shoveling and wheelbarrow)

  • 80% of this job will be the above tasks, but there are times when other handy work will be requested such as - staining, working with a hammer, and other light “handy-person” work

Part-Time Event Assistant (June - September)

Looking for an event assistant who can help setup weddings and other private events at our barn. This person will need to have flexibility to work weekends, which will include mostly weekend mornings and some weekend evenings.  No event planning experience necessary. Potential opportunity to move up to the Event Planner role.

Approximately 6-10 hours per week ($20 per hour). Mostly working on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings (9am-12pm). Bi-weekly pay from June 1 - Sept 30.

Job includes:

  • Helping to move tables to setup for a wedding/event.

  • Decorating for a wedding/event.

  • Helping other vendors like caterers, DJs, etc to setup.

  • Setting up and moving ceremony chairs.

  • Working with brides & grooms to ensure they have everything they need.

  • Sometimes staying for the duration of the wedding ceremony and/or reception to make sure everyone has what they need and the barn remains tidy.

Part-Time Cleaner (May - October)

Looking for a cleaner who can clean the barn and shed on Saturday and Sunday mornings (6am - 9am).  All cleaning supplies are available at the barn.  The pay is $30 per hour. Bi-weekly pay from May to October.

Job includes:

  • Sweeping

  • Mopping

  • Vacuuming

  • Dusting

  • Cleaning the bathrooms and sinks

  • Trash removal

  • Cleaning windows

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