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There are alot of hot takes on how the Bills improved so much this year to take the NFL by charge but there is one rumored reason that hasn't made the headlines on ESPN which might surprise you. It has to do with self-care! As everyone know, look good - feel good - play good. People believe the bills players have taken that motto to heart to really take their game to the next level. Below are five rumored examples of some of the self-care items the Bills started implementing this year.

1. Lavender Sachets in Lockers

The Bills must have found out about the stress relieving benefits of lavender because there are rumors that the Bills all had lavender sachets in their lockers this year. It's obviously important to de-stress after games and the Bills must have had a great advantage with the beautiful smell of lavender wafting through the locker room.


2. Team Building Excercies

Team building exercises are so important for every NFL team but this year was especially important with COVID preventing the teams from many of their normal team building exercises. Everyone know about Josh Allen and Stephon Diggs playing Xbox to build a friendship but the rumors are flying about Bills players possibly doing floral arranging classes at Kin Loch Farmstead last year. Sounds like a lot of fun to me! 

Bride and Groom Photo Pastel Wide Skyscr

3. Pick 6 or U-Pick

The Bills were tied for 6th in defensive interception this year including two pick 6s. If you think those are the only picks the Bills did last year you might be wrong. Word around the water coolers is that Tre'Davious White might have brought the defensive players and their spouses out to u-pick lavender at Kin Loch Farmstead in July. You know what they say, "If you can pick lavender you can pick off Lamar Jackson!"

4. Treat Your Self!

Look good, feel good, play good. Makes sense to me. When you see pictures of Josh Allen shooting smiles over at Stephon Diggs it's not just the sparkle in his eye that stands out but his glowing skin. You think that comes naturally? I doubt it. I bet he's been using the new Lavender & Oat Clay Face Masks from Kin Loch Farmstead. They are sure to be the new "it" product this off season.

allen diggs.PNG
Bride and Groom Photo Pastel Wide Skyscr

5. Happy Wife - Happy Life

You know the old saying, "Happy Wife - Happy Life" well there is definitely some truth to it. When your significant other is happy it makes your life that much easier. One way to make them happy is to pamper them with gifts you know they would enjoy. That's why the Bills players have been known to shower their partners with candles, sachets, linen sprays and soaps from the Kin Loch Farmstead online shop. I bet they already purchased their lavender themed Valentine's day gift boxes!


So in conclusion the Bills are awesome and you should buy that special someone in your life a lavender themed Valentine's Day gift box from Kin Loch Farmstead!

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