I will be placing my annual wholesale order for French and English lavender plants in the next couple weeks. You can pre-order yours today at the below link! (five plant minimum). I will also be selling these plants at our farm during the u-pick season, however they will be priced higher and there is no guarantees that the variety you want will still be available! More details:


  • Cost: $4 per plant
  • Size: 2" plugs (small baby plants)
  • Minimum Order: Five Plants
  • Pick Up Timing: Available for pick-up at the barn the first week of June 2020
  • Types of Lavender:
    • Folgate (Angustifolia / English) - Withstands the winter well. Blooms in early summer.
    • Betty's Blue (Angustifolia / English) - Blooms in early summer. Nice blue/purple-ish color. On the smaller size, but performed very well for me.
    • Royal Velvet (Angustifolia / English) - Nice deep purple color. Can bloom more than once during the summer. Hasn't been performing well for me, but I'm holding on hope :)
    • Hidcote Giant (X Intermedia / French) - Large size and creates a lot of blooms. Risk that it could die during the winter, but mine survived pretty well.
    • Grosso (X Intermedia / French) - By far my favorite lavender. Did very well on my farm and survived the winter nicely. Fragrant smell.
    • Gros Bleu (X Intermedia / French) - Another one of my favorites. Large size and pretty blooms. Blooms in late summer.


2" Lavender Plugs

SKU: 0004
  • More information about lavender varieties found HERE. As a general rule of thumb, English lavenders are more edible (taste better) and French lavender are more fragrant. I am finding that the French lavenders are very happy on my farm while the English are taking longer to grow however they are withstanding our winters well. Lavender needs full sun and well-draining soil (not clay soil). I plant these 2" plugs right into the ground but you can also keep it in a pot and plant it in the Fall.

  • There will be various pick up times at the farm in the first week of June 2020.


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