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-   ABOUT US  -

Hello, we’re Alex and Ryan Plante - welcome to our farm! We started Kin Loch Farmstead in Spring 2018 as an outlet away from our corporate jobs and a way to get back to the land.  Neither of us come from farming backgrounds but are both drawn to it, and hope to pass on the value of hard work and appreciating nature to our children.

In gaelic kin means "family" and loch means "lake."  Our hope is that Kin Loch will be a place where families can celebrate love and life, right here at our little farm between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Opening this farm has been a stressful, fun, exhausting and inspiring experience.  We're learning everyday that it's a mix of skill, hard work, and leaving the rest up to nature.  We're excited for the future and bringing joy to our guests. So, come visit already!